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Nottingham Post's Women in Business - New Business of the Year Award

Women in Business Awards has been a global award-winning platform to amalgamate professionals and entrepreneurs to recognise them for their thriving businesses and incredible careers. It’s truly inspiring to watch how women have overcome so many obstacles, yet achieved so much in their professional lives. After hundreds of nominations, 36 women were shortlisted across 12 categories for this year’s awards ceremony by a judging panel, chaired by Nottingham Post editor, Mike Sassi. This year’s Women in Business Awards took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham on the 23rd of November 2016, and we are delighted to announce Nutri2Go was selected as the winner for the New Business of the Year 2016!
Nutri2Go started at The University of Nottingham, serving healthy, nutritious meals pedalled to offices and universities during lunch hours. Nutri2Go offers nutritious and balanced meals planned by a nutritionist-check and is an eco-friendly alternative to fast food!
Jordana Chin, who set up this healthy food delivery service; Nutri2Go spoke to Nottingham Post earlier this week; “It means so much for me to win this award. I hope that winning the award will encourage more young people, particularly women from all walks of life and backgrounds, to get started on their own business plans”.

At the award ceremony. L-R: Genelva Meikle from The Ingenuity Lab at UoN, Daniele D'Agostino, Jordana Chin and Melanie Berry. 
Jordana started her company, Nutri2Go while studying for a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at The University of Nottingham. Nutri2Go is a healthy food delivery service that serves up a host of freshly prepared meals in Nottingham, including vegetarian and vegan options, with Jordana and her small team literally getting on bikes to get orders out. Winning the award has made Jordana feel like her business has received a stamp of approval, motivating her to accomplish more with the business and it’s brand awareness.
In conversation with Nottingham Post, Jordana said, “Eating well on a budget, especially when you are busy with work, can be hard but not doing so has many consequences with our health.” This diet enthusiast is devoted to do her bit to better the health of the nation – with each and every meal attentively cooked and packaged to get the perfect balance! Nutri2Go’s prime audience tends to students and young professionals, and Jordana has big plans on every university campus in the UK one day!
On behalf of the Nutri2Go team, we would like to thank all Nutri2Go lovers and supporters for allowing us to reach this stage of the business! A special thank you to the Nottingham Post for hosting us, and the partners and sponsors including Nottingham Trent University and Evershed.
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If you fancy to read more into Jordana’s success story, head on over to articles by The Ingenuity Lab and Nottingham Post.
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