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Never skimp on the food. Healthy bodies are healthy minds, and quality catering can make your event, gathering or workplace better. Whether it's a formal event, or you just want to create a healthy working environment, Nutri2Go is the most sensible choice in Nottingham.

With Nutri2Go Catering, you’ll get:

Delicious, healthy meals designed and cooked by our nutritionist-chef, we boast a restaurant quality menu while keeping you in shape. What’s not to love?

Sensible service for your event size

Our catering is ideal for small to medium groups based in Nottingham, served in either individual lunch boxes or sharing platters. All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable, so your conscience can stay green. 

Headache-free catering

There’s nothing like a bad catering experience. With us, your healthy food is delivered reliably to your desk or event, cutlery and drinks included.

Our meal box catering - no fuss, no mess, all packed in compostable packaging.

A flexible menu.

If you’d prefer us to take care of the details of the menu, that’s our pleasure. But if you want something specific we’re happy to discuss it with you to create your perfect menu.  




























































































Email to get your order started, or call us on 07563202273


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