The detox you need



“I need to go on a diet!”

As usual every January we hear a lot of detox and cleansing chats as people feel ‘guilty’ after all the festive foods in December and influencers and businesses are jumping on board to promote the latest skinny tea and juice cleanse!

But what is a detox diet exactly?

The idea behind a ‘detox’ diet is that our bodies are constantly accumulating toxins from unhealthy food and that these toxins are the cause of all ill health. A ‘detoxing diet’ is then advertised (typically by businesses or marketers) as a period when you can cleanse your body from these toxins by removing junk food from your diet and assuming overpriced cleansing health products. Interestingly, the nature of these toxins is never identified.

Truth is that we do not need any ‘detox regime’ because our body is already constantly detoxing and filtering out waste from bodily functions. Several organs are involved in this including the skin, intestine, liver and kidneys. ‘Detox’ juices, pills, patches, TEAS and lotions cannot carry out these intricate processes. To help your vital organ to detox effectively instead, a healthy life-style is essential and you can achieve this through having a balanced diet, staying active and hydrate through the day and getting adequate sleep.